Wow! I can’t believe Valentine’s Day and the CAPA Awards party are winding down. Congratulations to all the CAPA nominees and winners!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has made a comment on my posts. I so much appreciate your support, and will be contacting each of you about a download of one of my Halo Legacy Series books. You are all winners!

And now I’m going to wrap up my party posts with a sneak peak from my March 1 release, SHADOW OF THE LEGACY, book #7 of my Halo Legacy Series. Johnny is an easy-going cop whose career falls under a shadow of suspicion when a letter from his dead father confesses to having a hand in a woman’s death. When he returns to his hometown to find the truth, he discovers love with a woman who fiercely covets her independence and becomes the target of a killer determined to keep the secrets of the past.


Rochelle closed her eyes and drew a deep breath, then moved into her warm-up routine. She hadn’t had the time to do any kick-boxing for awhile, but already her body hummed in anticipation of the challenge.

Johnny was not her opponent, but the cancer that had invaded her body. No battle was more important than this one. No prize more vital: her life.

Her first moves were simple. A few easy punches before she bobbed and danced away, though there was no need for defense as Johnny threw no punches. If only the disease was as yielding. Instead it had snuck up and attacked without warning. Rochelle jabbed with her right hand and followed with a punch from her left.

Adrenaline pumped through Rochelle’s body as the familiar moves flexed and worked her muscles, and brought a smile to her face. Then she lifted first one knee and the other, followed by a series of alternating punches. Right, left, right.

Rochelle drew a deep breath and blew it out, already feeling winded less than ten minutes into sparring and hating that weakness.

She pushed herself to throw the momentum of her body into a right cross, then spun around to deliver a one-two kick before bouncing away on the balls of her feet.

She moved toward Johnny again, throwing another flurry of kicks and punches, feeling the heat in her body and fighting the fatigue slowly creeping over her.

“Let’s take a break.” Johnny caught her in a clinch.

Rochelle shook her head and moved away, throwing another right hook that fell wide of Johnny’s head.

A vision of the damning spots in the x-rays filled her head, and Rochelle delivered another combination of kicks to Johnny’s mid-section. In her mind, the lumps dissolved a little more each time she made contact.

She threw a knee, followed by a side-kick, and another spot disappeared from her mind’s eye. Rabbit punches with her right hand eliminated a few more.

Rochelle kicked and punched until the vision in her head was clear of spots and fatigue was claiming her body, sapping her energy as it spread from her arms, down her torso, and turned her feet to leaden weights. She fell against Johnny in a clinch, and he supported her as her body went limp. Spent and sweaty, Rochelle surrendered to the exhaustion claiming her.


Happy Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to love yourselves!

I’m celebrating the new covers of my Halo Legacy Series and the new price of $1.99 each. You can see these new covers as well as read excerpts from all of my books on my Web site <www.GenieGabriel.com>.

You can also take advantage of the special February sale price of 99 cents for CHASING RAINBOWS, a Valentine’s Day novella.

-Genie Gabriel


  1. Colleen C. says:

    Congrats on this upcoming release… wow #7! :D
    greenshamrock AT cox DOT net

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