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Captivated by Sarah Mäkelä – Steamy Excerpt

Captivated by Sarah MäkeläCaptivated by Sarah Mäkelä

When a mercenary, whose purpose is to dispose of wicked Unseelie fae, meets a dark elf, she’ll question her mission and become captivated…

After her family was killed by a dark elf, mercenary Honora Butler’s purpose is the disposal of wicked faeries, elves, and other Unseelie beings, but she’ll find herself questioning her mission when she meets Brennan, a dark elf who doesn’t conform to what she believed his kind were like.

Brennan O’Niall doesn’t know what it is about Honora that makes him crave her, but he wants to find out. However, when she’s charged with the murder of a friend, he’ll have to discover the truth and decide just how much she means to him.

Publisher: Total-e-Bound Publishing

Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance

Length: Novella

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A sleeping mat lay before the fire. She tossed down her pack then slid back her hood, deciding to take advantage of what little good fortune she’d found. A small sound sent her spinning around.

But she’d been too slow. Before she had a chance to see the cause, Honora was crushed against a hard body, facing away from her captor. The hand on her knife was held in place near her belt. She struggled to free herself, but it was like being held by a wall of muscle. The person behind her didn’t give way.

Warm breath tickled her ear. “What are you doing in my home?” The deep voice promised dark things, and she couldn’t help but squirm a little at the onslaught of images rushing through her head—her standing naked as her faceless captor thrust into her, harder and faster, taking all she had and giving much more.

Her chest rose and fell with her panting. This wasn’t the time or place, yet the dull ache between her legs begged to differ.

She remembered the last time she’d felt this vulnerable. Memories of her family’s deaths and the horrible pain she’d felt stopped her desire cold.

“I knocked, but no one answered. I took shelter from…” How I am supposed to answer? Humans knew a little of what lurked in the shadows, especially those who resided around here, but she wouldn’t tell this man more than she had to.

“From?” he prompted, his slight Irish accent catching her attention.

“From the dark.”

“Ah, I see.” He chuckled. “Much good that will do you here.” The easy humour of his voice relaxed her, but something about what he’d said triggered warning bells. The world spun. No, wait, it was her.

She raised her eyes to stare into his—they were nearly black. The man’s pale skin reminded her of the moon’s glow. His raven-black hair trailed to below his shoulders and pale, pointed ears peeked from the dark mane. Cursing, she recognised what this man…creature…was. A dark elf.

Her hand lifted the throwing knife, but he squeezed her wrist in a sharp gesture. Pain shot through her arm and the knife fell from her grip, landing with a metallic thud on the floor beside them. Magic churned within his touch. Magic that shivered along her skin, tugging at things low in her stomach.

No bloody way!

She raised her free hand to throw a fireball at him, but he grabbed her wrists, twisting her arms behind her back. The dark elf shifted his steely grip to hold her wrists with one strong hand. Twisting and bucking only brushed her soft breasts against his hard chest. Moisture pooled between her legs.

“Release me,” she said.

He dropped his gaze to her chest where her cloak had fallen away, showing her pert nipples through her linen shirt. “I don’t think you want me to.” A fierce grin formed on his lips.

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Sarah Mäkelä
Dark, Magical Encounters of Passion…


  1. tawania says:

    Another good excerpt.. I’m definitely intrigued. I can’t wait to read this & review it on my blog. Im definitely in cover love :)

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