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Excerpt: Trapped Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)

Trapped Lover by Zenobia RenquistTrapped Lover by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor Series, Book 2

Is Ryver up to the challenge of a charmed and deliciously dangerous lover?

Ryver knows she can never go home again. That’s fine by her, since she’s with Theron, the vampire she loves. Now living in vampire territory, she’s learning more about Theron, and not all of it is good. The more she sees, the more she’s convinced that the man she fell in love with, the man who can make her body sing with a single touch, might not be the man she thought he was.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Vampire Romance, Interracial
Length: Novella

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HOT (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

Theron kicked off his shoes before stepping onto the mattress. He didn’t even wobble as he walked to the center of the bed. Seeing him so steady despite his feet sinking into the mattress with every step made Ryver want to push him just to make him fall over. Once he was down, they could resume what they had started on the couch.

He sat with his legs crossed. “Entertain me like you normally would, Ryver.”

“It’s not daytime.”

And that was a lame argument, but it was hers. She didn’t want to have a teasing session, not when Theron could do so much more.

He said, “We are making up for our lost opportunity.” He fell back against the bed. “Pretend this is like any other day where you have come home from a hard day at work.”

“You have got to be joking. Role playing? Really?”

“Panties wet from anticipating the coming intimacy. You take them off as soon as you close the front door.”

“Theron, are you listening to me?”

Clearly he wasn’t, since he kept talking. “You order me to lie on my back, which I’m already doing, and then make me watch while you play with yourself.”

Lacking options, Ryver decided to go along with it. She knew the game, even if the time and location had changed. It didn’t hurt. It just made her impatient.

She shimmied out of her panties and then crawled over to Theron.

He said, “You hike up your skirt, too anxious to take it off, and then plant yourself right in my line of sight.”

Ryver rolled her eyes at his narration but still did as he said. She bunched up her skirt around her waist so she could straddle his shoulders, sitting on his chest.

Theron grinned at her.

She pushed to her knees, which spread her pussy lips open so Theron could see all of her and how the situation made her react. She could feel the wetness trailing down the insides of her thighs. Her inner muscles were clenching, so she knew her pussy was winking at Theron as he stared.

They had done this many times. Almost every day for the last month. This time had her feeling hotter.

She knew why.

Theron was awake and aware. He could react. He could touch her at any moment.

He blew hot breath over her wet flesh. That small sensation had her whole body shivering with need.

“Look at you dripping wet, almost gushing, and I’m not touching you.” He blew again.

Read the first full chapter online

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Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance

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