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Excerpt: Forgotten Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)

Forgotten Lover by Zenobia RenquistForgotten Lover by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor Series, Book 5

Can Medusa allow herself to love a man who’s supposed to be her enemy?

Captured by mages, Medusa is more upset at her own weakness than the mage’s idea of torture. Once free of them, she plans to slaughter them all. Except, there is one mage that awakens long buried memories of desire from a past best left forgotten. She knows this man to the depths of her soul, but she and Darius are on opposite sides of a war that has raged for centuries. It’s more than her heart at stake if she gives in to her desires.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Vampire Romance, Interracial
Length: Novella

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HOT (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

Lord Arundel chuckled, sending his warm breath over her skin. “This Achilles did not know what he was about if he could not satisfy you. But I am not upset by his misstep. It means the pleasure of hearing your first cries of orgasm will be mine alone.” He spread her pussy lips wide and then ducked his head.

She felt his hot velvet tongue tease her hole and then drag up to her nubbin. The sensation made her squirm back on the bed to get away from it.

“Easy, Medusa,” Lord Arundel said in a low voice. “Come back.”

“Yes, my lord.” She moved herself forward again.

“Good girl. And you may dispense with the formality. Call me Darius.”

“I cannot.”

“Yes, you can. Try it. Darius.”

She opened her mouth, trying to push his name past her lips. She had never called a Henwick guest by anything but their title. Such an infraction would surely see her punished. “Darius,” she whispered.

“Good girl.” He laid a kiss on the inside of her right thigh. “Again. Louder this time.”

“Darius,” she said in her normal voice.

“Like music, as I knew it would be.” He laid a kiss on her belly. “Now then, my sweet Medusa, I would like you to put your hands on my head.”

She reached out, only to stop before touching him.

He smiled at her. “Go on.”

She laid her hands on his head, ready to pull back. The softness of his hair surprised her. She’d only felt the likeness on baby chicks and some cats. Such fine hair didn’t belong on the head of a man such as Lord Arundel… Darius.

She smoothed her fingers into his hair, enjoying the softness. He rolled his head beneath her fingers and made a rumbling noise almost like a cat purring. The sound made her giggle.

“Do I amuse you, Medusa?”

She gasped and yanked her hands away quickly. “I apologize, my lord. I did not mean to laugh at you. I would not –”

He covered her lips with a finger. “Laugh all you like. I enjoy the sound. I imagine I will enjoy all the sounds you make. Return your hands to my head, if you please. Your fingers are quite soothing.” After she complied, he said, “And remember, I told you to call me Darius.”

“Yes, Darius.”

He bent his head forward, and the feel of his tongue returned. Darius moved his tongue in long, quick strokes between her pussy lips. Heat built within her body, and tingles spread through her stomach as the contact continued.

He licked her a few times and then sucked at her nubbin and then licked her more. Back and forth, over and over, until Medusa found herself breathing hard. She clutched at Darius’s hair, unable to stop herself. She also couldn’t stop her hips from rocking against his mouth. She tried to hold still, but her body moved on its own.

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Zenobia Renquist
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