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Excerpt: Eternal Lovers by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)

Eternal Lovers by Zenobia RenquistEternal Lovers by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor Series, Book 7 (finale)

Three couples caught in a war have only one solution — peace. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Darius and Medusa, Lamon and Sicily, Theron and Ryver — these three couples have struggled to make love work in the middle of the vampire-mage war, but now talk of peace is testing the strength of their relationships. Once simple meeting could mean the end of it all or the start of a new and brighter future together.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Vampire Romance, Interracial
Length: Novella

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HOT (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

Her taunt spurred Lamon forward. He backed her up against the wall of the cabin, which made her giggle.

“This brings back memories,” she said in a coy voice. “Shall we play like there’s a spell on me and you have to disrupt it?”

“No games. Not now.” His voice was rough with passion. A primal part of him needed to confirm she was safe and whole, to reestablish his claim. He’d allowed another to hurt her. Even if that other was Theron, it irked Lamon to the point that he had to do something to work off the negative energy.

He stripped himself and Sicily using a spell. With a firm grip on her round ass, he lifted her and urged her legs apart with a bump of his hips against hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her ankles. One forward thrust buried him to the base in her hot, slick hole. Sicily clawed at the wall as she shouted his name to the ceiling.

Her inner muscles clenched around his dick, massaging him so much he didn’t have to move but he did. He had to. He wanted to feel more. He pounded Sicily’s hot pussy. The cabin creaked with the force of his body slamming into hers.

Her body jiggled, bouncing her large breasts before his hungry eyes. He couldn’t decide which to taste first so he pushed his face between them, licking the sensitive skin where the twin mounds met. Sicily moaned as she squeezed him with her legs and added a roll to her hips that had his dick stirring her inside.

Lamon loved Sicily’s body. His big meal, as she liked to call herself. He appreciated that she didn’t obsess over losing weight like so many other women of her generation. Now that she was a vampire, she couldn’t even if she tried. Her body, her beautiful brown body, would remain exactly the same throughout all time. Lamon knew the tightness that threatened to make him spill himself before he was ready would be forever unchanged.

“Wait. Wait.” Sicily pushed at his shoulders but continued rocking her hips, sending him mixed signals.

He lifted his head and kissed her. She bit his bottom lip, grazing it with her fangs and smiling at his answering growl of need. He asked, “What? If you tell me stop–”


That was a request he was willing to accommodate. Lamon wrapped his arms around Sicily’s waist and carried her the few steps to the bed. His dick rubbed within her with each step. She took his full length when he laid her on the mattress. Lamon had to stop and take a breath to keep from coming.

While he was distracted trying to control himself, Sicily rolled them so he was on his back with her astride him. He smiled up at her and waited to see what she would do next.

Sicily didn’t disappoint. Leaning into him with her hands on his shoulders, she started bouncing her lower body and riding his dick. Lamon sucked a deep breath through his clenched teeth only to let it out a second later as a long, loud string of cursing. It was the only coherent speech he was capable of at that moment to describe the exquisite feeling.

Read the full first chapter online

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Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance

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