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Excerpt: Determined Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)

Determined Lover by Zenobia RenquistDetermined Lover by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor Series, Book 6

Medusa and Darius have escaped with their lives, but to where? The location is an unknown, like their relationship. After nearly two hundred years apart, Darius is ready to move forward, but Medusa cannot reconcile her present self with the past she purposefully forgot. Medusa must decide if dealing with the pain of her past is a fair price for loving the man who would be her future.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Vampire Romance, Interracial
Length: Novella

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HOT (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

An invisible force lifted her higher on the tree with her arms over her head and her legs spread. Darius only rubbed a single finger over her clit before her pussy started dripping and twitching in anticipation.

“I love how quickly your body reacts for me.”

She started to reply but an involuntary moan left her when Darius inserted one finger into her hot hole. Her inner muscles clenched around his intrusion. She wanted to move her hips, to feel more, but Darius’s spell made that difficult.

He curved his finger inside her and beckoned while rolling her clit between two fingers. Medusa couldn’t help her sounds of pleasure. Trying to hold back her reaction turned the sounds into whimpers.


“As you wish.” Darius added another finger to the one caressing her hole.

She hadn’t even realized she had spoken aloud until he responded to her. She didn’t want another finger. Her pussy ached deeper than fingers could reach. Even if Darius’s fingers had her body drooling hot, slick liquid that made squishing noises each time he moved his hand forward, it wasn’t enough.

“Tell me what you want, Medusa.”

“Free me,” she said between pants. She strained against the spell holding her to the tree. If she could get loose, she could take what she wanted.

Darius grinned at her. “I like you like this. And that’s not what you really want.” He pinched her clit.

Medusa bit back a scream of pleasure as she glared at Darius. Through her teeth, she said, “Free me now or you’ll regret it later.”

“Do you promise?”

Medusa flashed her fangs at him and growled. “Free me.”

“No.” He pinched her clit again.

This time Medusa did scream. Everything felt hot, too hot, yet her body didn’t have what it wanted. She needed more. “Damn you! Free me!”

He only laughed at her. “Tell me what you want. I’ll touch you any way you like. You simply have to tell me what to do.”

Tears of frustration stung her eyes. She wanted his dick. She wanted his mouth. The overwhelming urge for release almost had her begging him to do anything so long as she came. Her pride wouldn’t let her utter a word.

“You were much more honest as a human. You had no problem telling me what you wanted. I always gave you exactly what you asked of me. Do you remember?”

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Zenobia Renquist
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