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Excerpt: Anguished Lover by Zenobia Renquist (Vampire Romance)

Anguished Lover by Zenobia RenquistAnguished Lover by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor Series, Book 4

To save their love, Sicily may have to sacrifice her life.

Sicily has volunteered to put herself on the front lines in the vampires’ fight against the mages. Lamon has no choice but to go with her to keep her safe. When the worst happens, Sicily has to find out just what she’s willing to sacrifice to save the lives of her lover and her friends.

Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Erotic Vampire Romance, Interracial
Length: Novella

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HOT (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

She didn’t care if the men stared at her. They were only helping her little fantasy. She didn’t want Ryver seeing her like this. Just thinking that made her hot flesh cooler.


She had to keep up the fantasy. Lamon was there with her. He was there. She made herself believe that even as she squeezed her eyes tighter shut, forcing out the reality that he wasn’t.

He was playing her, making her body sing and call out for him. She moved her fingers over her clit the same way he would. Beneath her shirt, she pinched her nipple, purposefully digging in her nails to recreate the sensation of Lamon’s fangs nibbling her. He wouldn’t bite her until she was mid-orgasm, so she wouldn’t feel the pain.

For most, a vampire’s bite elicited a pleasure reaction in the one being bitten. Sicily was one of the few who only felt pain. Lamon had made the pain part of the sex. She almost needed to feel it. He had made her crave it.

But not yet. He wouldn’t bite her yet.

She softened her hold on her nipple and rolled it between her fingers, soothing away the sting of her fingernails… of Lamon’s bite.

He was there.

He was there watching her body beg for him. She could see his smug smirk as he let his gaze roam over her body.

She opened her legs wider, jutting her hips forward and letting him see all of her. The sight would entice him to finish, to make that final contact that would drive them both over the edge.

And then she felt it. Hard and thick and entering her slowly. Her pussy muscles clenched around his intrusion, pulling him deeper. She rocked her hips. He wasn’t moving, so she had to. Over and over she took him in as deep as he could go.

She panted his name as she grew closer to the end. So close. She was so close.

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Zenobia Renquist
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