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Excerpt: After Party by Zenobia Renquist

After Party by Zenobia RenquistAfter Party by Zenobia Renquist

The game is over, everyone has left and the house is clean. Tawnie is ready for a good night’s sleep, but Hudson is ready for sex. There’s no reason they can’t both get what they want.

Hudson and Tawnie return for this next installment in the Poker Series.

Publisher: Razor’s Edge Press
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Length: Short Story

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Steamy (totally adult) Excerpt Ahead:

Hudson grinned at the way the men almost drooled at his hot little wife. And she was hot. Tawnie was in rare form with her knees pulled to her chest and her ass bouncing against the bed as she stuffed a dildo as deep as it would go. But then she always upped the ante when she got a new patron. This week it had been Keith. He was the newest addition to the poker games — a buddy from Hudson’s job — and had been coming for the last month. That was long enough for Ben to feel Keith out and see if the man would want in on a little something-something before the games.

Ben ran the show. He was the doorman, the cameraman and the cashier. Each guy forked over fifty bucks to watch Tawnie. And watching was all they did. The man who touched Tawnie would lose that hand to Hudson’s sledgehammer. Hudson didn’t mind them getting off while they watched. He didn’t mind Doug’s little ritual kiss on the inside of Tawnie’s upper thigh so long as that kiss didn’t get any closer to her pussy than it already was. One more inch and Doug would be sipping his food through a straw for the rest of his life.

Let them watch and see everything they couldn’t have. And Hudson knew the men wanted her. He’d known it long before these little get-togethers had started. Every poker game Hudson had cleaned up because the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off his wife.

It wasn’t like Tawnie flirted or strutted around in skimpy outfits. She usually wore sweatpants and loose cotton shirts when the guys were over and only spoke to them long enough to find out if they wanted more food or another beer. But each man had acted like she was walking around naked and inviting him to the bedroom.

When the get-togethers started, Hudson’s winning streak took a hit. The guys could concentrate after getting an eyeful of every inch of Tawnie’s body. And being watched turned Tawnie on more than anything else. She would never admit it to Hudson, but he benefited from her new recreation. Tawnie liked her toys but she preferred a hot, hard dick stuffing her hole.

She had gotten bolder over the months. No more tapping her shoulder at night and having her roll over with a tired sigh, like sex was some chore she had to endure. Not his wife. Not anymore. Tawnie jumped him whenever she got the urge — while he watched TV on the recliner, in the shower after he got back from the gym, in the mornings right after his alarm went off before he could hit snooze. Oh, she definitely liked to get hers.

He wasn’t complaining. In fact, the video wasn’t doing it for him tonight. Why settle for a picture when the real deal was in the next room?

Hudson was about to eject the disc when Sean, one of the men watching and wanking, held up a small, beaded rod for Tawnie to use. Hudson snorted. “Anal? Good luck with that one, buddy. Tawnie doesn’t…” He trailed off and let his mouth fall open as Tawnie not only nodded at Sean but let him insert the rod into her asshole.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” He chuckled as he shook his head. “You little slut. You never let me play with that hole and it belongs to me.” He ejected the disc, put it in the protective sleeve, and then filed it away in his locked file drawer with the rest of the collection. Each disc was labeled with the date and the names of the men who had been present — Ben’s handiwork. Hudson wasn’t that organized but he only had to look at a date to know what was on each disc. He kept his favorites near the front.

If Tawnie ever found his stash, she would be pissed at him and Ben. Then the real fun would begin. Once she got over her little side business not being as much of a secret as she thought, Hudson was guessing the hot sex would go nuclear. Ben had already said he wanted a front row seat after Tawnie got wise. Hudson didn’t mind an audience. And he already knew Tawnie didn’t either.

But first, Hudson wanted to explore Tawnie’s little foray into anal play. He stroked his hard dick, not bothering to put it away as he walked to the bedroom. He was more than ready to be buried deep in his wife and relieve the ache in his balls.

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Zenobia Renquist
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  1. [...] * Excerpt: After Party by Zenobia Renquist [...]

  2. Mmmm…loved it. I could just picture little Tawnie surrounded by desperate guys.

    • Annie – Glad you enjoyed my naughty little offering. I had a lot of fun writing it. :D ~ Zenobia

      • I’ll bet. It’s hoot imagining scenarios that you’d probably never dare to do for real.
        Not saying that I haven’t done something similar, but I’ve put my characters into some very strange situations.
        My next story has two girls having fun together and getting caught by securtiy guards. Tee Hee. Poor / lucky them.

      • That’s the best part of writing, putting your characters in improbable/impossible situations. I might have never done it, but I have no problems making my characters do it. And two girls getting caught by security guards sounds fun. Do the guards get to join in the fun or do they just watch?

      • ;)
        It wouldn’t be much fun if they didn’t join in. It’s going to be a little BDSM at first as the guards (one male, one female) take advantage and demand that the girls comply with their every demand.
        But it’s not what it seems to be – there’s a cheeky little twist to the story (pinches lips to stop the secret from getting out).


      • I like twists. Keep me posted. This story sounds all types of naughty and fun. :D ~ Zenobia

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