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A Great Year with TRS!


This has been a wonderful year for me.  I have published three books since February, and TRS has helped me spread the news about all three! :)  I feel I’ve formed “cyber friendships” with the TRS team.  I will always contact them first when I publish a new book because of the way they have demonstrated to me they really are interested in their clients as people, and not just as account numbers.  That is a HUGE deal in this day and age.   I have to give a “shout out” to Holly who has been especially kind and encouraging concerning my father’s terminal illness.  Thanks, Holly.

Here are the books I’ve promoted with the help of TRS….

178981601One Sizzling Summer  197574382


All of these books may be purchased at BookStrand Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  I came across this poster last night that reminded me of Charlotte from Love Beyond the Curve (and all of us REAL women out there! :) )  I’ll leave you with it, and wish all of you a wonderful week!  Thanks for a great anniversary celebration here at TRS! :)484272_10151259141080816_1537334459_n



  1. deethomas291 says:

    I’ m so sorry about your Dad’ s illness.
    Congratulations on the three books you got published!
    The covers look gorgeous; I’ m going to add you to my TBR list! I
    . shared on the above links!
    deethomas 291 at gmail dot com

    • katepatrick says:

      Thank you for your kind words concerning Dad. He is having a few good days now, so we are pleased. It reinforces with us to not take a day for granted, nor the ones we love. Thank you for dropping by, and leaving such a complimentary comment! :)

  2. Sydney W says:

    Hello Katepatrick,
    Hope your dad is in good health now.My prayers and good wishes are with you and your family.
    My mom has just undergone a 4 graft heart bypass surgery,so i share the feeling.
    Please wish him speedy recovery and kudos to you for being able to get 3 books published inspite of being busy on the personal front.
    Also thanks for the giveaway.
    Take care
    Sydney W

    • katepatrick says:

      Thank you for your well wishes concerning my dad. I also hope your mom is well on her way to getting back to a normal routine. I’m so glad you dropped by. Have a wonderful week!


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