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The Softer Side of Romance…

imagesCAUDVL7BIf you’ve read any of my books, even just the excerpts, you’ve got a pretty good idea that I am a fan of the hot, lusty, “back to the wall” kind of “encounters” between lovers.  That animalistic craving shared by the hero and heroine is my kind of story.  I like to read about couples having this kind of electricity sparking and popping all around them when they are close to each other, but… there is a time for tenderness, too.

I write tender moments in all of my stories as well as the lusty variety, because I believe  well-balanced relationship requires both.  These tender moments are what I think of as being the “soft side of romance“.  In my story, Love Beyond the Curve, Reed realizes he is going to have to pull out all the stops to convince Charlotte of his sincere feelings for her.  One thing he does is write her a formal note asking her to “accompany him to dinner, followed by an evening of dancing”.  How can she refuse such a romantic invitation?  When the evening arrives, he rings her doorbell exactly on time with a small Victorian bouquet for her (called a “tussie mussie”) to carry with them on their date.

This slow, old-fashioned approach to romance captured Charlotte’s attention, and set the course for a romantic relationship that made some “quantum leaps” far away from the old-fashioned days to the  “I want you, now” variety! :)  I’m going to share this particular passage with you now.  And when you are planning a tryst with your one and only, maybe you will want to try something soft and tender to start the evening off, and I’m pretty sure it will end with fireworks! :)  Here is a passage from Love Beyond the Curve, available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.




“You are like family to them.  It will mean a lot to have you nearby.  I’ll cover for you if you need me to, so you can stay close by.”  Parker finished her snack and stood to throw away the trash.

“Thank you, Parker.  I appreciate that.  I’ll let you know.”  Charlotte smiled at her friend and put her hand into her pocket, only to discover the envelope she had stuffed there when leaving the house.  She pulled it from her pocket and placed it on the table.

“See you later.  Duty calls.”  Parker smiled and walked out of the room as she checked her beeper, leaving Charlotte to read the contents of the envelope in private.

She picked up the pale blue envelope and ran her fingertip over her name that was written across the front.  She smiled and raised it to her nose to breathe in the faint scent that clung to it.  A familiar scent.  Reed’s scent.  His aftershave must have still been on his hands when he sat down to write this note.  A tingle ran through her as she carefully broke the seal, anticipating what she would find inside.  She withdrew a single folded piece of paper of the same pale blue color from the envelope.  She began to read the note written in a neat script, hearing Reed’s smooth baritone voice as she did.

Dear Charlotte,

Would you please do me the honor of accompanying me to dinner this Saturday evening at seven o’clock ?  If you find it agreeable, I would like to conclude our date with an evening of dancing. You may let me know your decision by calling me at 555-5455 at your earliest convenience.  I will be anxiously awaiting your reply.


Reed Jackson

Charlotte was speechless.  She didn’t expect this very formal request for a date with her to be the contents of this mysterious envelope.  But there it was.  He used the word “date”, so there was no doubt as to his intentions.  He wasn’t asking her as a “friend” to join him for dinner.  Well, he had definitely taken her by surprise with this move.  She would accept his invitation.  How could she not accept after the special effort he made to ask her out?

We shall see, Mr. Jackson.  Taking me out for dinner and dancing is a wonderful idea, but we’ll see how “anxious” you are to introduce me as your “date” when your friends are around.

Charlotte folded the note and slipped it back into the envelope.  She shoved it back into her pocket and tossed her empty water bottle into the trash can.  She walked out of the break room to head back to check on Amelia and her family.  Thoughts of Reed Jackson and his romantic dinner invitation would have to be pushed to the back of her mind, but they could not, and would not, be completely forgotten.



  1. tiana says:

    I like the excerpt. Thank you!

  2. tawania says:

    Another great excerpt. I’m adding this one to my list as well.

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