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Sparks Will Fly!

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TRS has been around a decade now.  Think how many books must have appeared on this site over the years.  Thousands I’m certain.  People love romantic stories, especially women, I think.  A good love story has a way of sparking that tiny flame of desire deep inside of us, and by the time we put the book down, it can at times have turned into a raging inferno! :)

I have read books that made me feel like I just had to snuggle up with my husband when I went to bed, or go hug or kiss him.  I’ve had readers comment to me that their husband or Significant Other reaped the benefits of them reading one of my books.  That was a high compliment to me! :)  The words of a story can be very powerful when penned by an author with the ability to  wrap the reader up and draw them into the story to actually experiene it for themselves as they read the pages.  SPARKS WILL FLY when reading a well written romance novel.  I challenge you to take time to look through the posts here at the TRS 10th Anniversay Party and find a new author or at least a new book.  You can begin losing yourself  within the pages,and find your escape from the hectic pace or stressful demands of the daily grind.

I have written a couple of erotic romance novels that don’t require a lot of imagination during certain passages, but I seem to find I really love the parts that are a bit more subtle.  Here is a favorite passage fom my first novel, One Sizzling Summer.  Quinton has met up with Ava for n early morning run, in an effort to try to get to know her better.  Here’s what happens…

EXCERPT from One Sizzling Summer:

It was barely daylight.  The gas streetlights were still casting a foggy glow along the sidewalks.  Ava took a deep breath and began to walk to a nearby bus stop.  Once there, she put her foot up on the seat of the old wrought iron bench and began to stretch her legs.  Next, she added a few waist twists and then clasped her hands together as she stretched upward on her tiptoes.  Finally, she leaned over and put her head on her knees as she grasped her ankles, loving the feel of that long stretch through her spine.  She sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, and swiftly turned at the sound of a rich, deep voice behind her saying, “There is probably a law written somewhere about such a view being downright illegal.”

When she looked, she saw a towering, lean man in black running pants and t-shirt, leaning against the bus stop sign with muscular arms crossed over his broad chest.  He smiled at her as he straightened and moved slowly toward her with a panther-like stride, extending his hand in greeting.  “I don’t think we introduced ourselves to each other during our previous encounter.  I’m Quinton Worthington.”

Ava had recognized him instantly when she had turned at the sound of that unforgettable voice.  She placed her hand in his and he closed his long fingers around hers as she replied, “Ava Preston.  How long have you been standing there?”

He squeezed her hand slightly and said, “Not as long as I would have liked.  Are you about to start your workout?”

She nodded and began to trot away from him, grinning as she said, “Yes, now that I’m all limbered up… come on!”  She began her warm up pace for the first few blocks.

Quinton shook his head and began to follow her, purposely lagging behind to allow himself the pleasure of watching her firm ass sway in synchronized rhythm with her steady gait.   As before, the effect she had on him was immediately physical, and he was again on the verge of a raging erection watching her graceful, fluid movements.  He shook his head in a vain attempt to clear the memory of how she had felt cuddled between his thighs the previous morning.

He quickly caught up with her, and they ran side-by-side for quite some time in comfortable silence.   Ava continued to keep up her brisk pace, but soon said obligingly to Quinton, “You don’t have to lag behind with me.  I know with your long legs, you could be over that next hill and out of sight by now.”

He didn’t pause long before saying without looking at her, “Maybe I don’t want to be out of sight right now.”  She gave him a devilish grin and said, “Okay then, maybe I’ll be the one to get there first!”   She poured on the speed and began to sprint away from him, heading for the top of the hill.  She knew the entrance to the park was close once she was on the other side.

“Oh, no you don’t”, Quinton shouted after her, as he rapidly picked up his own pace. She was surprisingly fast for someone so tiny.  Granted, she was all muscle underneath that curvaceous body, he thought to himself as he recalled having his hands firmly planted on her bare waist when they had collided in the park.  He hadn’t been able to put her out of his mind since that first meeting.  When he wasn’t thinking about her firm body, he was thinking about her green eyes or stunning smile.  He even caught himself imagining what her hair would look like if it were hanging loose around her shoulders while looking into his eyes as she had done when lying upon his chest.  The tightening in his lower extremities gave him a sudden urge to pour on all the speed he could in order to overtake her.

Ava was just turning into the park when she felt an arm wrap around her waist, and swing her about, dropping her several feet back from where she had been.

“Gotcha!  See you, love!” Quinton called over his shoulder as she stood there momentarily slack-jawed and immobilized.

“No fair!  You cheated!” she yelled at him as she took off once again.

He turned and jogged backwards as he grinned and “waggled” his eyebrows at her.  That was all it took for Ava to draw out every ounce of energy she had left and race on to catch up with him. He turned and continued ahead of her.  When she reached him, she jumped on his back, threw her arms around his neck and chanted, “Cheater, cheater, cheater!  Cheaters never win!”

He begged to differ with her as he grabbed at both of her bare thighs in an effort to keep her from falling.  Her breasts were mashed squarely against his shoulder blades, and the grip around his waist with her smooth, long legs wasn’t leaving much to the imagination!  He was definitely the winner in his own eyes!

Quinton reached behind, and with a move as smooth as a ballroom dancer, swung her around and held her in his arms, her legs dangling, as he laughed and slowed his jog to a walk.  Ava was laughing as he came to a halt on the path. They both stopped laughing and looked into each other’s eyes.

Quinton looked at her full lips that were slightly parted, and leaned down until his own lips were just a breath away from hers.  He looked back into her eyes for an instant, and closed the space between their mouths by gently kissing her perfectly shaped upper lip.  Ava held still in his arms, allowing him the freedom to explore her mouth at will. He began to softly kiss the corners of her mouth, before he moved on to her lower lip. He sucked on it ever so gently before covering her mouth, deepening the kiss as he relaxed his hold on her, letting her slide down the length of his body.  She remained in his arms as he lifted his head, smiling into her eyes and said, “Well now… there you go.”




  1. ELF says:

    Very nice, thank you for sharing.

  2. tawania says:

    Wow.. I can’t wait to read this, love the excerpt.

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