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Happy Anniversary, TRS!!


Let’s all raise a glass in honor of the 10th Anniversary of TRS!  This company has been a major part of the success I have had with my most recent book, Love Beyond the Curve.  The variety of promotional opportunities they provide their clients seems endless.  As a featured member, I had been able to participate in interviews, release parties, and their seasonal parties throughout the year.  The staff works tirelessly to keep us updated on what is going on through their newsletter “Studio Notes”, as well as personal contact through emails. They are friendly, supportive, and encouraging, which keeps me coming back with each new book.  I appreciate the personal touch they use with my projects, and recommend them to any author, new or experienced, in getting exposure for your work to a large following.

TRS…YOU ARE THE BEST!!  Thank you for all you have done on my behalf, and I wish you much continued success for next several decades!

Check back with me over the next few days as I post about my books, romance, my favorite authors, and who knows what else!  It will be a great time, because TRS always has a great party! :)  I will be giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly selected commenter at the end of this event, so check back often, and comment often to increase your chances of being a winner! :)


  1. Happy Anniversary TRS!! YOU ROCK!!
    Ashley A

  2. Donna _A says:

    Just stopped by to wish y’all a happy anniversary

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