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One More for the Road….


I have enjoyed my day with you guys here at TRS.  Thanks for the invitation, TRS.  Thanks for the comments, readers.  I will check tomorrow and do the random drawing for th $10 Gift Card from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (winner’s choice).  It’s not too late to  leave a comment to be entered into he drawing.

I am going to close my day with an excerpt from my newest release, Love Beyond the Curve.  I will leave you with a blurb, review, and an excerpt.  I will end with a video of my theme song for Charlotte and Reed, “Little Things”, by One Direction.   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  :)


Charlotte Hamilton has just moved to Memphis to begin a new job at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She is attracted to her gorgeous landlord, Reed Jackson, but thinks her plus-size body puts her out of the running as anything more than a friend. Her bubbly personality and fun-loving spirit appeal to Reed, who is used to high-maintenance women. The two quickly become good friends, and Charlotte is happy being “one of the guys.” When Reed is injured on the job, Charlotte stays by his side during the initial days of recovery. As the two spend hours together during his convalescence, a spark ignites an underlying passion they are helpless to ignore. Reed wants to pursue a relationship with the vivacious beauty, but she shies away because of past hurts related to her less-than-perfect figure. Can Reed find a way to convince her that he sees Love Beyond the Curve?


Friday, 14 December 2012

Love Beyond The Curve, Kate Patrick

The full-figured lovely gets her hunk!

- Review by Kazza K

This is a very sweet, down-home, true romance. Featuring a nice heroine and a charming leading man, who become friends first, then work their way through to more over many months.

Charlotte Hamilton is a paediatric nurse who has just moved to Memphis for work. She meets her landlord, Reed, later – her acccomodation had been made on her behalf. She is a full-figured lovely who likes herself but has been hurt by others, including catty women, and men who love her personality and looks, but don’t want to be seen out with ‘the bigger girl.’ I liked Charlotte, but she frustrated me from time to time as she vacillated between confidence and insecurity at her weight – however in this you-can-never-be- too-thin culture we find ourselves in I empathised.

Reed works in construction and in the beginning has a girlfriend, Candace, who is the stereotypically thin gym-junkie. She doesn’t like his down-to-earth manner, ideas, and friends. They both come from well-to-do families, and Candace is a snob. Reed likes to socialise with his construction crew, they’ve worked together for ages and they all get along. Charlotte fits right in as she is comfortable being ‘one of the boys.’

When Reed has a workplace accident, Candace is nowhere to be seen but Charlotte steps up to the plate. As Reed gets to know Charlotte more he starts to fall for her. First as a friend, then as much more. And he just loves her curves, finds them soft, enticing….including her full breasts. I loved the way Reed set about “courting” Charlotte, to let her know he finds her sexy, and incredible….inside and out. He knows she is insecure and an old fashioned kind of ‘gal and that he has to date her and show his sincerity, that he won’t just have sex and run. That he won’t just cast her aside for a thinner model. So he leaves her a letter on her car asking her out -

Dear Charlotte, Would you please do me the honour of accompanying me to dinner this Saturday evening at seven o’clock? If you find it agreeable, I would like to conclude out date with an evening of dancing. You may let me know your decision by calling me at 555 5455 at your earliest convenience. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. Sincerely, Reed Jackson.

Love Beyond The Curve is definitely a romance novel. It is not erotic or particularly explicit, however it does have some sexy moments. It is lovely for women or men looking for respectful, truly romantic reading. It is a slow burn to their actual loving relationship and full sexual encounter but it is a very sweet, fitting moment. There is also a message – love who you are, respect yourself, and take a chance when it comes along. I have to admit there was one line in the book that was special to me – “you are all woman.” I’ll say no more :) If you like true romance, if you want to root for the full-figured woman and the hunky, caring man you definitely should read Love Beyond The Curve




“Knock, knock!  You shouldn’t leave your door unlocked.  Strange men could just wan…oh, my.  It must be my lucky day.  Tell me you’re not naked under that towel.”  Reed closed the door and leaned back against it, slack-jawed at the sight of Charlotte standing in the kitchen wrapped only in a navy blue towel.  Her long, wet hair hung in curling tendrils down her back.  She stood frozen wide-eyed with a glass of water to her lips.

She nodded and set the glass down in the sink.  Swallowing hard, she cleared her throat, and held her hands protectively across the front of the towel.  “Surprise!  I must have forgotten to lock the door after I hung the wreath on it this morning.  I had something stuck in my throat, and had to come get a glass of water.”  She began to back away toward the direction of her bedroom, as Reed slowly rounded the corner of the counter, never once breaking eye contact since walking in unannounced.

“I’ve got something that wants to be stuck in your throat.  Do you know how unbelievably sexy you look standing there all wet and naked with only that towel between us?”  Reed rubbed his hand down the length of the obvious bulge in the front of his jeans, still moving with a cat-like stride toward her.

“I know the look in your eyes tells me you might devour me right now if it weren’t for this towel.”  Charlotte was almost to the door of her room as Reed reached out a long arm and wrapped his hand around her wrist, stopping her in her tracks.

“You’re right.  I am going to devour you, and you’re going to ask me to do it, Charlotte.  You know how I feel about you.  You can trust me.”  Reed pulled her into his arms and covered her mouth with a hungry kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and explored every warm, wet surface, crushing her body against his own.

Charlotte wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to him, relaxing in his arms as he held her close.  Reed ran his hand beneath the hem of the towel to caress her bare hip, lifting her up against his bulging erection.

“ You feel like heaven in my arms. I love you, Charlotte.  I want to make love with you.”  Reed held her face in his hands, searching her eyes for an answer to his plea.

“I want you to make love to me, Reed.  I’m yours.”  Charlotte pulled the towel from around her body, and let it slip silently to the floor, along with any inhibitions she may have been harboring.

Reed swept her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom where he gently placed her in the middle of the bed.  He stepped back and gazed down at her, letting his eyes wander over her body from head to toe.  She lay there with her dark hair spread out against the pillows, framing the look of desire that burned in her eyes.  She relaxed her hands, palms up, at either side of her head as if in surrender.  She twirled a lock of hair around a finger as Reed continued to stare down at her.

He pulled his sweatshirt over his head and tossed it aside, revealing the hard muscled body of a builder.  A man whose body was chiseled and planed, not with weights and machines, but from years of lifting, sawing, hammering, pounding, pushing and pulling lumber, steel, and bricks.   His shoulders were broad and thick with strength.  His stomach was flat, but ripped with well-defined abs all the way down to where his unbuttoned jeans hung low at his waist.

He unzipped his jeans and slid them down until he, too, was standing before her naked and fully aroused.  He sat down on the side of the bed and traced her lips with his fingertip.  He let that same fingertip slide down her throat to circle the hardened nipples of her breasts.  He continued until his hand came to rest on her lower abdomen.  He flattened his hand against it, and rubbed it back and forth, sending tingles over her body.  He then leaned down and kissed her belly with a tenderness that moved Charlotte deep within her heart.  Reed slid his warm, calloused hand down the length of her leg and back to rest on her stomach where he traced ever-widening circles over it.

“You are incredibly beautiful.  Your body is beautiful, too.  You have a woman’s body.  It is so soft and feminine, that it makes me feel more like a man than I’ve ever felt before. It makes me want to love you fully and completely without holding anything back out of fear of hurting you.  I’ve not ever felt quite this way before, I don’t think.  This feels like what it should be between a man and woman.”  Reed stretched out beside her and slipped his arm under her neck, holding her in the crook of his arm. He rubbed her back and let his hand wander over the curves of her breast, waist, and hip, amazed at how deeply her femininity aroused his passion.

Charlotte let her hand roam at will over the wide expanse of his chest and shoulders.  He was as hard as she was soft.  There wasn’t a mushy spot on him.  Reed lay back, giving her better access to explore his body as he had hers.

Charlotte let her fingers run through the dark mat of hair on his chest.  His breath hitched as she rubbed her fingertip lightly over his distended nipples.  She propped up on an elbow and leaned over to kiss each one, flicking her tongue over them.  She moved up to kiss the corner of his mouth, and slowly begin to kiss his lower lip, sinking her teeth lightly into its fullness.  She slid her hand over the ridges of his abdomen, feeling each defined muscle of his six-pack.  Her fingertips hesitated only a moment before reaching out to wrap her fingers around his long, thick shaft.  It was warm in her hand as she held it and let her thumb trace tiny circles over the suede-like feel of its wide tip.

Reed closed his eyes, rubbing her back as he absorbed the tremors coursing through his body while she began to caress his length with her fingertips. 








  1. Colleen C. says:

    I like reading books with characters that are real women. Thanks for sharing the excerpts with us during this party!

  2. sharonjml says:

    Thank you for writing a love story about real women. It makes me feel better about who I am. The excerpt and the review tells me that this is a love story.

    • katepatrick says:

      Your comment is exactly why I wanted to write this book. If you feel this way, I feel I accomplished my goal. I want women that are larger than magazine/movie star women to know they are just as beautiful (probably more), and to somehow tap into that feeling of sexiness that we all have inside of us if we’ll just believe in ourselves. It isn’t even about having a man. It’s just knowing you are a whole, beautiful, gorgeous being that is wonderful “just as you are”. When a womn really feels this way, I think it shows in how she carries herself and interacts with people, therefore making her very attractive to the opposite sex. THEN, “the man” becomes part of the picture! :) Well, I didn’t mean to say so much, but it is how I feel. And we do have days we feel powerful and beautiful and sexy, only to wake up the next day and be overcome with our state of “fluffiness”! :) As long as we have many more positive than down days, we are on the right track! Have a great weekend!


  3. rubyswan says:


    • katepatrick says:

      So glad it is up your alley! If you dig a curvy read, I’d like to suggest to you, *Perfectly Imperfect* by *Joan Chandler*, my best friend and writing buddy. It is smoking hot and SEXY! The heroine is a curvy girl and the guy is a fine Brit. I’ve read it three times!! It is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as Siren BookStrand. Promise it won’t be a waste of time or money.

      Thanks for the comments. I’m loving it!


  4. Jess1 says:

    It certainly was his lucky day to see her in the towel. LOL.
    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  5. capefearlibn says:

    Charlotte sounds like someone I could have for a best girlfriend.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

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