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R Excerpt 2; SINNER, SAVIOR [GLBT]; Avril Ashton

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Excerpt #2



A soft laugh echoed in the enclosed space, rich and husky, startling the hairs on Dev’s arms and nape upright. Fucking man’s laugh had his cock throbbing. He didn’t usually go for men like Pablo Castillo, but everything was all fucked up. On the verge of dying and his body was betraying him. Lusting after a straight man with a sadistic streak.

So not cool.

Castillo moved, the thick air parted and Dev didn’t budge. Didn’t open his eyes. Soft footfalls neared him, rough fingers gripped his nape and he snapped his eyes open, breath leaving him in a rush.

Pablo Castillo stared down at him, nose inches away, breath heating his jaw. “I’d never make it that easy for you. Or predictable.” The corners of his mouth tipped up, hard heat flooding his eyes.

Dev’s stomach dipped. He held his breath, refusing to breathe. Or blink. That couldn’t be…he didn’t just see what he thought he did in Castillo’s dark eyes.

“My bullets never announce themselves, Dev.” Castillo’s attention dropped to Dev’s mouth. “You’ll live, for now.” He moved away, sat back down, and eyed Dev like an experiment.

How the hell did he find himself in this kind of shit? Dev’s cock ached, his zipper bruising. He wanted to shift, reposition himself for comfort, but that would draw Castillo’s attention.


He did not see want in those deep, dark eyes.

He did not see lust.

Nor attraction.


All he wanted was to pick up a damn cache of weapons, instead here he sat, handcuffed and in dire need of a hand job. Not that he’d be letting his guard down, not for a second. He didn’t trust Castillo.

Which made wanting him all the more fucked.

“Who’s your boss’s new client?” Castillo asked. His tone was subdued yet controlled. “The one preparing for Armageddon with all those weapons.”

Dev blinked, blanking his features. He cleared his mind, silently ordering his body to behave. “No idea.”

“See, I think you do know.” Castillo stroked the barrel of his gun with two fingers and Dev couldn’t tear his gaze away from that caress.

He felt that touch down his spine. Soft yet harsh.

God. A sound gurgled in his throat and Castillo’s gaze snapped to his, locking in. Darkening and leaving no doubts as to his thoughts.

Dev swallowed. Remember your plans. Remember the game.

“York tried to kill me twice, did you know that?”

Dev watched Castillo’s lips move, their words not registering until a few heartbeats later. “He must have had his reasons.”

“Don’t they all?”

He swore he saw mirth in Castillo’s eyes.

This was turning out nowhere near how he expected. For one, all the things he’d known about Castillo, all he’d read about the man, not once had he heard he was into men. And wouldn’t you know, Dev had to find out firsthand just how dangerous Juan Pablo Castillo really was.

“I’ve been looking for a man,” Castillo said.

Dev widened his gaze. Looking for a man?

“I think he’s York’s client and I want to know his name.” He dropped to his knees, moving until he sat back on his haunches in front of Dev. His scent, subtle but engaging, reached Dev’s nose.

And his groin.

Castillo put the gun next to his feet and held up a small silver key, then circled Dev’s wrists.

Heat everywhere.

Dev bit the inside of his cheek, tasting blood as he stared at Castillo’s bent head. The man removed the handcuffs and placed them on the floor. Dev massaged his wrists, rotating them slowly.

The pad of one of Castillo’s fingers slid over his skin, rough and welcomed. Dev allowed it for a moment then shifted away. Let’s not forget who you are and who he is.

Castillo gripped his hand, hard fingers tight and bruising. “I want the name of that client, Dev. And you’ll give it to me.”

I’ll give it to you, all right. Shit. Head. Game, his disciplined inner self barked.

“Why would I do that?” he asked.

Castillo’s eyes narrowed. “Because I’m allowing you to live. I’m taking pity on your fucking life and giving you permission to live another day.”

Oh this motherfucker is out of his mind. Dev kicked out, catching Castillo in the middle of his chest with the toe of his boot. The gun skidded across the floor as the other man dropped backward and Dev launched himself on top of him. They toppled onto the floor, grappling, Castillo swinging punches, Dev dodging them as he grabbed Castillo by the throat.

A blow landed on his side and Dev sucked in a breath but he tightened his hold on Castillo. The other man’s eyes promised death, nothing Dev didn’t already know. If he was dying tonight, he was going to taste that bastard.

He pressed his lower half into Castillo. There’d be no mistaking his erection against his zipper.

Castillo stopped moving, the pulse under Dev’s hold beating wildly.

“I don’t want your fucking pity,” Dev rasped. Those eyes darkened, pupils dilated and he dipped his head, lips hovering over Castillo’s. “I want what you want, only you’re not man enough to ask.”

“You have to the count of three to get off me.” Even as he arched his back, hard-on brushing Dev’s thigh, Dev’s arm across his throat, Castillo’s voice remained passive, his face relaxed. Only his eyes spoke of danger and the promise of rough sex.

Dev brushed his mouth across Castillo’s lips. “Three.”

Castillo’s lips parted and Dev dove in, plunging deep, groaning at the taste of heat and cinnamon spice. Castillo widened his thighs, fingers digging into Dev’s hip. Dev bucked, grinding on Castillo’s impressive bulge as their teeth banged and tongues lashed against each other.

The unpredictable bastard was blowing his mind, writhing on him, making him itch and shudder. It’d been too damn long since he had this, another man under him, between his thighs, melting on his tongue.

Dumb luck to find what he needed in one as dangerous and totally off-limits as Juan Pablo Castillo.


About Av

A Caribbean transplant, Avril now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y with a tolerant Spousal Equivalent. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school (not so much school anymore). Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing plot points of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother

Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. Spicy love scenes, delicious heroes, and wicked women burn up the pages of Avril’s stories, but there’ll always be a happy ending; Av remains a believer of love in all its forms.


Visit: http://www.avrilashton.webs.com


Friend Avril on: http://www.facebook.com/writeravrilashton





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    Ooooh, this is delicious!!!

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    Congrats on the CAPA Nom!

  3. Sydney W says:

    Love in all its forms…what a noble thought,
    Thanks for the giveaway too!
    Sydney W

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