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Sweet Erotic Regency by Beverley Oakley

Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma

On Monday the big announcement went out that I’d won UK Publishing Company Choc-Lit’s ‘Search for an Australian Star’ competition for a Regency Romance written under my Beverley Eikli name.

I also write erotic historicals as Beverley Oakley and in the next two posts will contrast the reviews of my ‘sweet’ erotic Regency, Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma, with the much raunchier erotic historical, Rake’s Honour.

Here  is the review from Joyfully Reviewed:

Cressida, Lady Lovett, still desires her husband, Justin, Lord Lovett, very much. However, she is frightened of the consequences that a night of pleasure may bring. She doesn’t know how to speak of it with her patient husband, but she continues to find excuses for not fulfilling her wifely duties. Only now she has heard the rumors that Lord Lovett has returned to the arms of his former mistress. What’s a naïve wife to do?

Justin doesn’t know why his wife has suddenly gone from hot to cold since the birth of their last child several months ago. He’s not sure how to broach the subject with the former parson’s daughter, but he feels that she may eventually come around. The appearance of his former friend/mistress has given Justin something else to work on in the interim though. Ever the loyal friend, Justin will seek to satisfy her, too!

Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma was a charmingly tame short story. The dilemma that Cressida was dealing with was thoroughly explained, but it helped to realize that her knowledge was completely different from today’s standards. Justin was an excellent hero, but he could only take so much of what Cressida was dishing out to him. It was the norm for his peers to stray back then, after all. I’m not sure that Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma was completely, historically accurate, but is sure was a sweet story!

Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma even showed that someone who has become bitter over their lot in life can continue to be nasty and not change. It was also quite lovely that so many enjoyed a HEA in Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma without sacrificing too much for their bit of happiness. I wouldn’t have minded if Beverley Oakley had wanted to push the limits a bit more in Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma, but I did find this a sweet refreshing story.

End of Review

I’d like to thank Vanessa for the review. My other erotic Regency, Rake’s Honour, is certainly not tame. As a writer, I like to sometimes write sweet. It all depends on the characters and their dilemmas. Lady Lovett’s Little Dilemma is for those who’ve been married a few years to a man they truly love, but until they can tackle a fundamental problem neither wants to discuss, they’ll never find true happiness.

Below are my links. And feel free to ‘like’ me:) And thank you so much for visiting. This was a refreshing story that I’d been wanting to write for a long time.





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  1. pc says:

    congratulations on your win! This sounds like another great read!

  2. beverleyeikli says:

    Thanks pc, I’m glad you liked it!

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