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And the winner is…

Catherine!  The winner of the $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card was randomly selected.  Thank you to ALL of those that dropped by and left comments.  They truly mean so much to me because it makes me feel like I’m really connecting with someone, and not just writing to the air (was that sentence long enough and terribly constructed?!).  It’s the readers that inspire us as writers.  I’ve enjoyed every second of this event, and look forward to joining in at the next party at Christmas!  Thank you TRS for planning this party and being such gracious hosts.  YOU ARE THE BEST!   Remember  that if you enjoyed reading the excerpts here at TRS, you may purchase ebooks or paperbacks of One Sizzling Summer and Memphis Heat at www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com .  My new book, Love Beyond the Curve will be released Dec. 4th at www.bookstrand.com ,and after a month, will also be available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  You’ve certainly made my Thanksgiving a happy and grateful one! :)

Kate Patrick


  1. Catherine says:

    Thanks, Kate. Hope your Thanksgiving has been awesome.

  2. naomibellina says:

    I agree Kate, it is awesome to connect with people, even though it’s virtual. These are the best parties, hope you come to the next one.

    • katepatrick says:


      I never expected to have so much fun at this Thanksgiving Party. I went into it thinking of it as part of the task of making my books known to a wider audience. What I found with the first post/comment, was a true adventure! It was exciting and each comment was so special because I felt like I was making new friends and we ALL love reading good,romantic stories. There was our common ground, and the party provided us a place to discover new authors and meet new people besides our already faithful followers. You can be sure I will be at the Christmas Party. I’ve marked the dates on my calendar, and will be watching to see when I can sign up to join in the fun!! I am also going to join the release party in December, because my new book will be released Dec. 4th. I’ll be looking for you at the Christmas Party. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday season!


      Kate Patrick

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