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Thank You! (Excerpt)

A huge thanks to everyone for taking the time to join the fun here at TRS’s Thanksgiving party!  I had a blast and hope you all did too!

Thank you TRS for hosting this amazing event.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, with new memories and traditions made, new pie recipes being fought over, and new ovens begin added to the “Must Have” lists because we set fire to the ones we have ;) 

On that note, I’ll be leaving you with one final excerpt from Temptation Unleashed. 



He was so close. The heat of his body caressed her. The scent of him caused her womb to tighten and her clit to ache. The airy brush of his breath made her lips itch for his. She didn’t care if he took her last breath.

Locks of blond hair cascaded down around her face, coming to rest against her bare arms.

Hate, my dear, is a strong word to use when someone protects you from danger you stand no chance of overcoming,” Thaddeus said, his voice low, guttural, limb-quivering, seductive. Nothing presented a greater danger to her than this man. For that, she hated him. “A show of appreciation is held in high regard when one stands up to a threat on another’s behalf. I do believe ’tis common among humans as well?”

She lifted her hands to push him away. When her palms flattened against his thick shoulders, the cool, silken strand of hair entangling between her fingers, she moaned. Her face flushed. A new wetness dampened her panties. She fought to keep her eyes open. Against the heels of her hands, she detected the sudden acceleration in his heartbeat and felt the broken breaths as they licked at her ear.

She hated him because he turned her on. He made her hot, despite her fear of intimacy.

She needed to get out of the corner of the sofa and get distance between them. Shifting best she could beneath him, linking her leg around his for leverage, she gripped his shoulders and tried to push him away.

His breath continued to seduce her, filling her ear and sending delightful chills coasting all over her. She turned her head and froze the instant her lips brushed his. Her world came to a screeching halt, as did her lungs. A moment turned into eternity, lips barely touching, but a ravenous hunger bursting to life. Invisible cords rooted into her, tugging her closer to him, urging her to complete a circuit that crossed a dark void in her soul. A void that had never been there before.

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

Conscience chanted its warning, but she couldn’t listen. She hung on a ledge between desire and danger. Her body quivered beneath the high-charged anticipation.

Kiss me before I explode.

Thaddeus pulled back enough to look down at her. Stormy tendrils of gray curled around the Arctic blue of his eyes, darkening them to a beautiful sea blue. The hard, cruel features of his face softened.

She slackened, sinking into the cushions, and drew in a deep breath.

Never had she expected to be brazen enough to pull Thaddeus down to her until his lips pressed to hers, gently easing them open.

Thoughts eluded her the moment his tongue swept through her parted lips and slid over hers. She met his slow kiss, disbelief and delight warring in her mind.

He tasted like the richest dessert, the hottest spice, the most forbidden ambrosia. She wanted more, craved more, needed more, because if she were sober, the nightmare that came with this very man unraveling her with his fulfilling kiss would darken this glorious moment.

His fingers trailed down her neck and drew a tingling path between her breasts, coming to rest over her stomach.

“No more alcohol,” he murmured against her mouth.

He plundered her with his kiss, the carefully contained hunger unleashed. She arched into him, seeking his touch, pulling him closer. Her body temperature rose, heat encompassing her until she feared she’d pass out.

The pressure against her belly lifted, taking with it the fever and leaving her mind, and her body, in a state of sobriety. Gone without residue were the foul effects of her indulgence.

Gone was the euphoria that soaked her to the bones.

Rori had no trouble focusing her mind, nor did she have trouble realizing what was happening, and with whom.

Available at: www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed



  1. fiza says:

    Thank you too, had so much fun with all the excerpts ^_^
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. pc says:

    Thank you! Happy thanksgiving!

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