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ZANDIA by Tilly Greene – adult excerpt

ZANDIA by Tilly Greene

Futuristic Erotic Romance + Bondage and Exhibitionism

Zandia, the farthest planet in the known universe, is usually peaceful, but they’re about to have their views on women blown apart.

Sui Erom has taken drastic measures to live as suits her, not society. Hiding on a transporter, she leaves her home planet for another world. Working as a translator, she feels intelligent and productive, if not entirely fulfilled. She has been unable to find a mate who satisfies any of her physical needs or one to trust with her heart.

The Zandian national speedball team comes to town for a Universal competition and sets in motion events that force Sui to make a decision on what exactly she wants from life.

Listening to the official translator’s voice, Xer Rieh realizes she is Zandian and asserts his right to mark her as his. He does not believe her claim that she is not Zandian – despite evidence supporting it. Xer is certain she is and will not be denied.

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Scorching Excerpt

“Tell me what’s in your heart, Sui, tell me now.”


“I see it in your eyes, feel it in your body,” he moved a hand to hold her leg bent at the knee and pressed to the bed, “…especially here in your pussy.” Xer started out slowly, sliding in and out of her damp clasp, pulling juice out coating his dick. “I hear it when we love…”

Slow and easy, it was maddening! Her immediate needs had been satiated and yet were once again uncontrollable. She wanted to feel his climax beating its own rhythm inside her.


“I hear it in your voice…” He picked up speed, pounding in and out of her.

“Uhhh, please.”

“Tell me, baby, tell me.” He was incredibly big and hard.

“Yes! Yes, I love you, ahhhh! Xer!”

“Shit! Sui!” One thrust was all it took. He was fully imbedded in her and he let loose. She could swear he had seed coming from the bottom of his balls, because each load he shot felt like it had the velocity of a rocket behind it. He grunted with the intensity of his climax as it took over his body.

He collapsed atop her and she enjoyed having him there, even if he was a little heavy. When her breath came back, she tuned in to his kissing her shoulder and followed the line up her neck to her ear. He rubbed his nose along the way and she loved it, but something was still niggling at her mind, something wasn’t right.

“I claim you, Sui, as my chosen path-mate. To always be at my side, be I prince, king or pleb.”

With his dick still hard and pulsating in her pussy, he rose to his knees and, using her legs, pulled her even farther onto his hard-on.


“No waiting, Sui.”

He reached to the side and grabbed something he must have put on the bed earlier. Following his movement, she saw the room was full of people, a mix of the security staff and his speedball team members. She should’ve realized they were here but had been too involved with their loving, she’d even forgotten about Rol being there. They were all solemn, although in her quick glance at them she saw a few with their hands holding tight to their hard-ons. At least they were mostly dressed this time.


“You are mine in all ways…”

He left the words hanging. She knew he was waiting for her to reply with the formal acceptance. There’d been no time to think about what she’d do if he claimed her. She hadn’t thought it possible until he’d mentioned it earlier at the restaurant. Although, if she put her mind to it, she guessed Rol had warned her this morning. She looked to the other man and found him beside them on the bed, watching her with a gaze that said everything would be all right, to trust in her feelings.

Or had she hoped to see it and therefore put it there?

Sui looked back at Xer, took in everything about him, and the minutes passed by silently. He didn’t rush her nor offer any pressure, but waited patiently for her to speak the traditional female Zandian response, although she thought the wait must be difficult for him. Honestly, there was only one thing she wanted, and it may break her to do it, but she loved him and would support him.

Taking a deep breath she gave him his words.

Copyright © 2007, 2008 Tilly Greene


Order ZANDIA by Tilly Greene in eBook from Samhain Publishing [http://bit.ly/OB55vy], Amazon [http://amzn.to/MzRhM0], All Romance [http://bit.ly/NpWQOw], BN [http://bit.ly/SsizGD], Apple iBooks [http://bit.ly/ruLVQR] and Sony [http://bit.ly/MAHSIm]


Tilly Greene

Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.


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