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A little about me…

I grew up in a small family.  Our holidays usually consisted of my parents, my sister, sometimes my grandparents from one side of the family, and in earlier years, my aunt and uncle.  As a child, I often heard about the excitement surrounding big family feasts and parties and stories and…well, you get the idea, especially if you come from one of those big families.

Then there were our dinners.  Usually pretty quiet.  Usually pretty small.  Once eating was through, my father set off to watch the football game.  My mother cleaned up.  My sister and I waited impatiently for dessert.

As I grew up, my mother moved out (yes, she moved to Florida first while I stayed behind in Jersey and took over the house I’ve always lived in), and I started my own family and traditions, I made it a point to always make the holidays, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years, one that was filled with family and friends, and all the love and warmth that came along with it.  This year will be no different, and neither will next year.

What are some of the traditions you celebrate?

I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the emotional reunion between Bryce and Rihanna from Destined Desires, Talaenian Fae 2.



Destined Desires

Available at http://www.bookstrand.com/destined-desires



“How…how do you know? How do you know what I’ve dreamed?” he
“They are truths. Your dreams are memories. The mark on your hand is
a scar from a time long passed. And now you must leave before my brother
returns,” Rihanna threatened, throwing a paranoid glance over her shoulder
for effect. Dear goddess. Had she just lied? To the very man who held her
“Are you telling me I lived before? In another time? And you were there
with me?” he asked quietly. Rihanna couldn’t find the strength to answer
him. In fact, her voice fled her completely. Bryce stepped toward her. She
took another step back. “You are the love of my life in those dreams. God, I
lived every moment for you. My days never began until you were with me. I
couldn’t breathe without you. When I saw you at the club, I couldn’t believe
my eyes. And since, I’ve been counting the days, the weeks, the months,
hoping you would come back. I had myself believing it was all a
coincidence, fate turning a cruel hand on me.”
“There is reason behind every occurrence in one’s life. Coincidences do
not exist.”
“When I arrived, you explained everything away as coincidence,” Bryce
pointed out.
Rihanna felt like a trapped animal the moment her back hit the wall. She
broke to the left. Bryce’s arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to him,
and halting her escape. His brazen movement seared her blood with heat.
She felt him, his warmth, his strength, the shape of his muscular arms, the
curve of his chest. She fought to free herself from the torment, from the trial
to uphold her dignity and not step between a committed pair.
“Why are you fighting me? Why the sadness?” he whispered against her
ear. His scorching breath and his restrained embrace made her knees buckle.
Without him, she would fall.
Without him, she would die.
His nose brushed her temple. “Please, Rihanna, tell me who you are.
Who you are to me? Who am I? Since I saw you, I’ve wanted no one more
than you. I’ve been mad with desperation, praying to God you’d come back
to me. I’ve been out every night, searching every damn bar and every damn
club. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a fool I’ve been. But it’s all
worth it because here you are, real. Not a dream or a story. You’re here,
with me.”
“Mo anam cara,” Rihanna breathed. Her fragile heart couldn’t bear this
much longer. When he turned her to face him, lifting her chin so their gazes
met, she lost the last of her remaining willpower.
“Soul mate,” he translated quietly. “Anam cara.”
“You recall?”
“I’ve mentioned it in my dreams more times than I can count.”
“I-I can make coffee—”
She didn’t see it. She should have, but didn’t.
Bryce’s mouth felt as warm as his solid body, his lips firm but delicate.
The shock of his action held her still, as still as he. Mayhap, he didn’t realize
he made to kiss her. Well, mayhap until he eased her lips apart and sought
her tongue from the cavern of her mouth. She heard a moan escape through
her lips, inhaled through his own. She followed the dance of his tongue,
tasting her mouth, exploring every inch with a suppressed possessive intent.
However many moments slipped by, she lost track. The slow, passionate
delves of his kisses, the tenuous caresses of his hands…
Rihanna clung to him, her aching fingers tangled in the soft waves of his
hair, pulling him closer until, like an on switch, the tender kisses ignited into
a battled frenzy. She saw flashes, a time of past, flashes of happy dances and
joyous embraces, passion unlike any other. She pressed into him, needing
him, needing to melt them together with such strength he would never leave
her again. She practically climbed up his body until his hands hoisted her
legs around his waist.
Rihanna fed from his fire, drank a life long since lost from his spirit. Her
Mikhal. Her love, life and soul, her body, her blood, all of it belonged to
him. He took her to his grave, leaving a shell of a creature behind, a shell
her brother cradled and filled. No one could give her back what greed
ruthlessly stole upon Mikhal’s murder, no one except for the very man who
laid her down on the plush area rug in the living room this moment. The
very man who lowered every stone-hard inch of his body over hers.


  1. pc says:

    we always get together Christmas morning and wait for everyone to be there or wake before we start opening gifts!

    • karawills says:

      We celebrate Christmas Day as well. All the gifts are opened in the morning. My oldest doesn’t necessarily wait, but he’s is certain to make us aware of everything Santa got him, even if we’re still sleeping :)

  2. Great cover. Come from a huge family always a crowd for the holidays.

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