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Sweet Treats

Back for dessert?

What is your favorite sweet treat for Thanksgiving?  Do you love traditional pumpkin pie and apple pie?  Or do you spice it up a bit with a new take on a traditional dessert?  I make a traditional pumpkin, then whip up an apple pie that has either cherries or cranberries, pecans or walnuts, depending on what I accidentally grab off the shelves at the stores.

I don’t know about you, but even after eating two serving of turkey and a plate full of fixings, I always have room for pie.  And a nice, strong Irish coffee with whipped cream.  Oh yeah, I’m usually aching by the time I go to bed :)

Indulge in this latest excerpt from my newest release, Temptation Unleashed, Talaenian Fae 3.



Temptation Unleashed

Now available at http://www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed  (15% off until November 21st!)


His gaze dropped to the magnificent creature walking in beside her, and he nearly choked on the whiskey he’d just sipped.
Aye, a forbidden goddess dressed in black leather from shoulder to toe. The red silk shirt beneath a masterpiece of craftsmanship in the form of a gold-accented black vest added depth to the shades of her bewitching hair. The dark material brightened the greens of her eyes. The normal pale hues of her skin appeared far more porcelain than he recalled.
The vest conformed to her figure, accentuating the sensual inward curve of her waist before sloping out at her hips. The plump mounds of breast squeezed together within the vest created a deep valley of cleavage, and a burn against his palms to cup and knead her flesh.
A slow coast down her legs provided an ample image of how fine leather enhanced toned, narrow thighs and slender calves. Pointy-toed shoes peeked out beneath the hem of the pants, gold-encrusted gems shimmering in the flame light filling the room.
Thaddeus stole one last sip of whiskey before he rested the tumbler on the table and climbed to his feet. Dragging his gaze up the length of her body was a delightful torture. He endured imagining the ways he could strip each intricate piece of material from her, unwrapping a gift granted solely to him.
Alas, he drank in the rosy tinge painting her face, her lips slick with gloss, her desire-laden eyes painted with soft hues of shadow.
Sweet Goddess.
He would have to break free of her siren’s spell if he cared not to make a fool of himself. Calming the furious pace of his heart, the unsettling leap of his stomach, and the sudden influx of blood to his groin, he moved to meet Rori across the room. Eyes focused on his back.
“He’s lost, completely taken by her.” Despite the quiet tone, he caught Moira’s observation, as well as Shaye’s equally quiet response. “Aye.”
He couldn’t take his eyes away from Rori. The color in her face deepened. A wistful glimmer swam across her eyes. The smallest hint of a smile touched her lips. He listened to the thunderous rush of blood through her body and the carefully controlled breaths that filled her lungs.
Rihanna stepped between them, drawing upon his attention.
“We nearly forgot about dinner this eve, we were having so much fun together. Moira and I wish to continue our time after the meal, if you will allow,” Rihanna said.
Thaddeus looked past Rihanna’s shoulder and caught Rori’s playful smirk. He lifted a brow and earned a shrug in response.
“’Tis Rori’s decision.”
“I see we have all decided to arrive,” Shaye said, splicing the heady air that pumped around him. Whether anyone else noticed, he couldn’t be sure, but it thickened in his mind, clarity found only behind the layers of haze.
He rounded Rihanna and held a hand out for Rori. She gingerly placed her hand in his and he lifted her knuckles to his lips. Willpower fled him and he pressed a lingering kiss to her forehead. He wanted to taste her mouth, but refused to indulge the hungry creature pacing his soul.
He had been correct in his earlier assumption. Rori wore leather exceedingly well. Mayhap too well.
“Shall we eat?” Shaye pressed, sidling by Thaddeus and flashing him a knowing glance. “Dinner, that is.”


  1. Colleen C. says:

    I am a pumpkin pie girl… love my grandmother’s recipe!
    Thanks for sharing the excerpt for your book! I am liking it!

    • karawills says:

      Hi Colleen!
      Oh, I’m sooo a pumpkin pie fan. I can’t imagine this time of year without it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. pc says:

    I love pumpkin pie and cherry pie! Pumpkin I can make but cherry I never have and had to drive to 4 stores before I found one in the frozen section — my treasure and I’m not sure if I’ll share!
    Great excerpt…I”ll head over to check it out!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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