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CYRA’S CYCLOPES by Tilly Greene – adult excerpt

CYRA’S CYCLOPES by Tilly Greene

Paranormal Erotic Romance + Ménage

Love is complicated and can happen in the most unlikely places.

Cyclopes are giants, mean and set in their ways, and Agres, Steropes and Brontes are no exception.  They have existed forever and see no reason to change.  One night, they meet the stunning Cyra and everything as they know it is forever changed.  They flounder for solid footing and eventually find level ground where the brothers are content having a lover in their lives then they discover their lover is going to leave them for the deity of agriculture she is devoted to serving.

Working through the rare feelings of fear, they finally grasp what they never thought would happen to them, actually happened.  They are in love, deeply and wholeheartedly, with Cyra.  Desperate not to lose her, the normally self-assured but reserved trio bands together and are ready to fight for her love.

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Scorching Excerpt

As she sunk into the middle of the soft cushion, she smiled up at Steropes, and voiced her appreciation.

“Have I ever told you guys how much I love our bed?  It is so comfortable and makes being right here with my lovers even more enjoyable.”  The smile she wore carried all the joy and love running through her body.

“Yes, every night,” he grinned, and she adored the little wrinkles appearing at the corners of his eye.

The gorgeous man beside her was utter temptation and she couldn’t deny her desire to touch and absorb his core.  She ran the fingers of one over his nose and lips, while the other hand ran through his hair.  The sandy brown hair was soft and a little unruly.  It fell over his forehead and was swept to the side so it didn’t cover his expressive brown eye surrounded by thick long eyelashes.  Smoothing a fallen lock off to the side, Cyra pushed her fingers through the hair until she clasped his head, and pulled him down until their lips touched.

Their kiss was gentle, lips bumping against each other, and enjoying the connection.  All she felt for him, all the love and joy found in being at his side, was there on the surface.  Even though they were intense and at times overwhelming, there was no need to hide from the feelings.  Eventually, it wasn’t enough to just touch his lips with hers.  She needed to be a part of him and slipped her tongue out to tease his folds into opening.  Cyra smiled when he moaned and groaned herself when he lay down over her.

Steropes was larger than her, all of them were, but the presence of him on top of her was pure bliss.  She felt all of his muscles tighten with need, especially his cock, and was giddy for what was soon to come.  The passion that she felt for each man always ran hot and when they came together as one, it turned explosive.

“Oh lover,” she mumbled when he pulled back, and even went so far as to move off her.  When he leaned back down to kiss her, she forgot about his shifting away.  His tongue circled hers, as hers tried to tangle with his.  The passion she felt for her men was always burning in her belly and it was spreading.  Her pussy pulsed with a desire for more and knew it would satisfied, and soon.

Totally into their kiss, she was startled when a couple of fingers started playing with one nipple, and then the tight tip on the other was gently taken between a set of teeth.  She took a hand from Steropes head and placed it on the one at her breast.  The short curls told her it was Agres and she moaned when he tugged on a trapped tip and bat at it with his tongue.  A quiver of need ran straight from her breast to her pussy and it was met by a thunderous growl.  Brontes longer silken hair trailed over her thighs and she shivered.  It was an unexpected delight, but before she could even get a chance to react, he wasted no time in covering her lower opening with his mouth and sent a burst of his personification inside her along with his tongue.  A hint of thunder rumbled through her body and she screamed with pleasure.

Copyright © 2010 Tilly Greene

Order CYRA’S CYCLOPES by Tilly Greene in eBook from Amazon [http://amzn.to/vG8HAO] and All Romance [http://bit.ly/9W1agc]

Tilly Greene

Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.


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  1. Catherine says:

    That seems like a very unusual premise!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  2. Tracey D says:

    Dang, that was a hot excerpt. I am adding this to my must have list.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. pc says:

    This sounds like a terrific read…definitely will go on my must read!

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