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A Serviceable Thanksgiving

The party is underway here at The Romance Studio blog. Thanks TRS for bringing us all together for lots of fun and excerpts for the holiday.

I’m hard at work on the next installment of The Service Club. Book 4, Hands on Justice, was released at Siren-BookStrand last month. Here’s the blurb and excerpt. And don’t miss books 1-3 also available at Siren-BookStrand.


Justice McCall has a bone-deep emptiness only Cade and Grant can fill. The trouble is that what the two dominant cowboy public defenders might uncover about her scares her to her toes. She knows what will happen if she succumbs to their touch, but will the dark pleasures they offer be too much for her to endure?

Cade Mason is tired of fooling around. He’s found Justice guilty of a submissive desire only he and Grant can administer. Control is not up for debate. But exposing how deep her vixen needs go while imprisoning her heart will prove his hardest trial yet.

Grant Leaver knows his case against Justice can be won in the bedroom. It will take some fancy litigation to get her there, but when the gavel comes down she’ll be sentenced to a lifetime of erotic passion found beneath the hands of himself, Cade, and the Service Club.


“See anything you like?”

“This looks like it could be fun.” She glanced at him as she continued to examine the harness, her hands gliding over the stirrups and adjustable buckles meant to bind the swinger securely in place. “I haven’t been swinging since I was a little girl.” She shot him another look, this one full of pure amusement. “Of course, this swing is far more mature than anything found on a public playground.”

Grant chuckled and walked to her, stopping close at her back. He reached around her, caught the adjustable straps, and separated them. “Bend forward.” He gently pushed against her back with the front of his body, moving her closer as he brought the strap to her waist.

“Isn’t that backward?” Confusion laced her tone as her hands covered his.

“It’s the perk of a more mature swing. It adapts to many different positions.” He folded his body over hers, bending her forward over the strap. “This will support your waist. Grab those stirrups in front of you. They will help to keep you balanced, but if you let go of them, you’ll fall on your nose.”

“Unless one of you is holding me,” she said as she allowed him to guide her into the harness, curling her fingers over the stirrups and fisting them in a white-knuckled grip.

“We’ll be too busy to hold you.” Confident he had the harness secure at her waist, he skimmed his hands down her thighs. He spread her legs wide on either side of his body, catching the sweet scent of her arousal as he reached for the second set of stirrups. He secured first one and then the other around her ankles, tested their safety, then released them as he moved from between her legs.

“Damn, that’s an amazing sight,” Cade said, walking past them to the cabinet of toys.

Grant circled her, loving the way the position left her breasts hanging free, her back arched, her ass in the air, and her legs spread wide. “How do you feel?”

She turned her head to one side, looking at him through the curtain of ebony hair falling around her face. “Helpless. Defenseless. Safe.”

Grant stopped at her head, pushed the hair from her face, and grazed the backs of his fingers down her cheek. “You are safe. You know that, right?”

She nodded. “I want this.”

“We know you do. We know everything you want and we’ll give it to you one step at a time. All you have to do is trust us.”


* * * *


Her breath caught in her throat. Time. With that final bet during the football game, that word had become the key to the weekend. But Grant hadn’t said it was time. Not yet. Would that time come tonight while they had her hanging in this swing? She had never felt more vulnerable, more at their mercy than she did right now. Fastened securely in the harness, she wouldn’t be able to get away from anything they chose to do to her without harming herself in the process.

She didn’t want to get away. Every part of her body was fully exposed, her ability to touch taken away by the necessity of holding on to the stirrups, her power to stand on her own or to even close her legs shattered by the stirrups binding her ankles tight.

Movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. Cade walked toward her, a black blindfold stretched between his hands. Her heart beat triple-time, more out of excitement than fear. “You’re going to blindfold me, too?”

A slow, wicked grin spread across Cade’s lips as he knelt in front of her and held the blindfold close to her face. “Tonight is going to be all about feeling. We want you concentrating on your body’s responses, the pleasure we give you, what it does to your mind, and how it feels in your heart.”

Justice closed her eyes, his words enveloping the heart he spoke of in a tight fist of emotion and fear.

“This weekend is about letting go of everything else, letting yourself free, letting yourself feel, letting us love you.”

Her mind raced as he stretched the blindfold over her eyes. His words acted like a tuning fork to every erogenous zone in her body even as they hit on her deepest fear, losing the love they proclaimed to feel for her.

With her vision gone, her other senses immediately kicked into hyperdrive. She heard Cade’s steady breathing fade as he moved away from her head and the faint sounds of shuffling beside and in front of her, felt the cool breeze from the ceiling fan above his bed stirring the air. Goose pimples rose to the surface of her flesh, clashing with the heat pumping through her and skyrocketing her need to be touched.

“Are you cold, sweetheart?” Grant’s voice came from her left. She felt him near her and sucked in a breath when the faintest tip of a finger outlined her hanging breast. “Your nipples are hard. I thought I might have to play with them a minute to get them ready, maybe toy and suck on them, but I see I won’t need to.”

Please. The word whimpered in her mind, slamming into the question, Ready for what? Her question was wordlessly answered in the next instant when solid, padded clamps simultaneously closed on both her nipples. The breath quivered out of her as pleasure danced the thin line of pain through her breasts, delight zinging through her on a direct path to her sodden pussy. The added weight of the clamps pulled on her breasts, intensifying the sensations and capturing her focus. She didn’t hear when Cade moved, didn’t know he had returned to her until she felt the denim of his jeans graze the inside of her legs.

Watch for book 5 of The Service Club, Chelsea’s Rescue, at Siren-BookStrand winter, 2013


Tonya Ramagos



  1. I just Love Tonya’s Books & The Service Club Series is no exception. I can’t wait to read Book 4, “Hands on Justice” & I’ll be LQQking to the release of Book 5, Chelsea’s Rescue”.
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)
    Paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

  2. fiza says:

    Thank you for sharing this excerpt with us. I’ve been waiting for a new release of your work ^-^

  3. Jeri says:

    Thanks for sharing.. Sounds hot!!

  4. tonya01 says:

    Thanks, Renee and Fiza! I’m trying to keep the new releases coming more frequently these days. A new Heroes of Silver Springs will be released on Christmas Eve and Chelsea’s Rescue is nearly complete.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Reading,


  5. pc says:

    I have this on my wishlist already!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. tonya01 says:

    Maybe Santa will sent it to you for Christmas :)

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