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Thank You and Good Night! (Adult Excerpt)

Thank you everyone for stopping by today!  As the clock ticks closer to the midnight hour, I will leave you with one last excerpt from Temptation Unleashed.



Available for pre-order, 15% off: www.bookstrand.com/temptation-unleashed

Her airy moan filled his ears, and he rubbed a hand over the pulsing bulge in his pants. The firm mound of her breast swelled with each deep suck and lash of his tongue. Oh, sweet Goddess, he wanted to devour this woman, fill himself with her, drown himself inside her.

“Oh, Thaddeus. Your mouth feels so good,” she gasped. Her fingers dug into his hair, holding him close. She fed him more, and he took with rabid hunger. Releasing his cock from his grasp, he bridged the gap between breasts with slow, tender kisses and lazy swirls of his tongue. He scraped his teeth along the base of her breast, teasing her with tiny nips that made her buck beneath him. “Please, take me. Take me now.”

Thaddeus closed his eyes at her quiet pleas. “Be careful what you ask for, my sweet little siren.” He rocked into her, the slight friction of leather and her core against his throbbing erection causing his thoughts to tremble. “I yearn to take you in many ways.”

He cast her a rueful glance, sliding his body along hers until they came face-to-face. The brazen woman licked her lips, and all he could imagine was how those lips would feel on him.

“This eve, ’twill be my hands and my mouth that take you. Lest, of course, you object.”

To impress what he meant, he slid his hand down her flat belly, beneath the flimsy fabric of her underwear, and caressed her aroused clit. Slick moisture coated his fingers. A sharp breath fled his lungs. Her nails bit into his scalp. Her eyes had darkened, pupils dilated, and her lips parted on a silent moan.

“Bloody hell, woman.” Thaddeus pushed back onto his heels despite her protest. He spread his knees and lifted her hips onto his thighs. She watched him, her cheeks patched with red, her fingers grasping the grass at her head. Her body stiffened when he hooked his fingers around the cloth covering her and pulled it aside.

His mouth watered and his jaw tightened as he stared at her glistening pink flesh. He drew his thumb from the small patch of damp red curls down across her clit. Her legs wrapped around him, her hips tipping toward his thumb. He followed her tender slit and gently pressed into her slick opening.

Rori cried out, pushing onto his thumb. Thaddeus turned his attention to her passion-infused expression. The very sight of her so turned on by a simple touch captivated him.

“You are so wet,” he growled, removing his thumb and replacing two fingers inside her. The tight muscles of her vagina squeezed him. She bowed, those pert nipples calling to him as she pulled his fingers deeper inside her body. He worked her, sliding his fingers against her until he discovered the sweet spot that shot her heart rate up. “You enjoy that, aye?”

“Oh. My. God.” She gasped each word. The muscles around him began contracting, and he eased away from her. “No, no, no. Don’t stop.” Her hand clamped down around his wrist and held his fingers at the opening of her body. Green eyes blazed up at him, the color of the grass beneath the dazzling moonlight. “I hurt. Make it stop. Take the pain away.”

Thaddeus shook his head, her words striking a tender nerve in his chest. “Not pain, stoirin. ’Tis the burn of raw pleasure.”


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  1. pc says:

    wow…great excerpt

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