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Temptation Unleashed (Explicit Language)

There is heat to be had between these two, especially when they battle wits.

Temptation Unleashed, Excerpt 2

“I don’t give a shit what I’m coming into. You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops when I saw you holding that knife to Cael’s throat. What a fucked up brother you are,” Rori snapped. She jerked at her wrist again. Thaddeus sneered, pulling her into him. She knocked him back, twisted, and somehow managed to release herself from his grip. “I don’t know what’s up with you and your brother. I don’t understand why you have these”—she motioned to her ears with waggling fingers—“and strange”—to her eyes—“but I don’t care. Next time you manhandle me, be prepared to get kicked in the balls. I’ve had enough of you bastard men.”


Did mortal women cause damage to men in such a fashion?

“That’s what I thought.” Rori shoved him in the shoulders before rushing from the room. Thaddeus took chase, catching her as she rounded the living room toward the front door. He ducked a wicked swing of her purse before knocking it from her hand. The heavy bag crashed into a lamp, shattering the ceramic base.

He hooked her under her arms and lifted her from the ground, pinning her to the wall with thin ropes of silver energy and a probing gaze. Her pretty green eyes widened. Her petite body draped in unflattering clothes bucked against his restraints. He growled, his erection swelling at the motion.

When her pouty lips separated on a gasp, his eyes narrowed on the fresh cuts against her lower lip. The dark anger swirling in his conscience reared.

“What happened to your lip?” The ice in his tone shocked even him. Rori stilled against his restraints, closing her mouth into a tight line, hiding the marks. Thaddeus grabbed her chin, and with his thumb, forced the exposure of her wound once more. “What happened?”

“Get your hands off me and let me down,” Rori said quietly. He didn’t miss the threatening undertone of her words, or the flash of anger in her eyes.

The ugly blackness in his mind expanded as he assessed the wounds. “Teeth marks. But not yours.”

She tried to snap her head away from his hold, but he kept a firm grip. The artificial lighting in the condo illuminated the side of her face, and the unusual lines that ran from her eyes down to her chin. Thaddeus lifted his free hand and traced one of the lines that stretched over her skin.

She twisted her head and growled. “I chew my lip when I’m pissed. Now let me go.”

“Tears?” His heart thundered. Fresh marks on her lip. Tears staining her cheek. What had happened to her?

What did he care?

Swallowing the alien reactions and thoughts, he leaned into her, bringing his face mere inches from her own. He inhaled her scent—vanilla, spearmint, and antiseptic—and allowed it to pour through his soul. Goddess, she smelled forbidden. Delicious. His mouth almost watered. Almost.

“You may wish to think twice before challenging me, little one. I do not take challenges lightly. You hold no power against me.” He didn’t stop himself from tracing her moist bottom lip, warm energy seeping from his fingertips, taunting his pet with his threat. “I should kill you. I should rid our kind of your person. You are naught to us. Naught. You have no business with my brother. Should I catch you anywhere near him again, heed this single warning.” Thaddeus dipped his head, his cheek caressing hers. The contact sent raw bolts of heat through him, stealing his breath. His top lip brushed her cool lobe, and she shivered. Ah, how lovely to make a woman tremble from a single touch. “It takes little effort for me to extinguish a brightly burning flame. ‘Twould be a shame to have you exist not but in a trail of smoke.”

Thaddeus drew his lips across her ear, along the fine structure of her cheek. He pressed a lingering kiss to her temple as he willed the condo door open. It crashed against the wall. He stepped back, his eyes holding Rori’s, the silver ropes vanishing. She dropped heavily to her hands and knees, clamored to her feet, snatched her purse, and ran for the door.

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  1. pc says:

    Great excerpt…I’ll take a look at this!

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