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Happy November!

Hi all! 

Happy November :)  The weather is cooling off, at least here in Florida.  The holidays are looming around the corner.  Trees are turning, or have turned, colors.  Snow may or may not have fallen.  I do miss that first snow of the year, having lived in Jersey most of my life.  I miss the splashes of color that paint the trees in mid to late October.  I miss the crisp air that alerts everyone fall has arrived.  When the days become cold and the nights become frigid, and I used to build a fire, curl up on the sofa with a good book, and relax…Ah yes, I do miss all of that.

But the best part of this time of year: The parties!

I’m so excited to be taking part in the TRS’s Release Party today.  I look forward to “chatting” and sharing bits of my upcoming release, Temptation Unleashed, due out by Siren on November 14th.  This will be the third in my Talaenian Fae series. 

So, until later, I’ll leave you all with the blurb:

Thaddeus survived the battle against the Talaenian people, at a cost. Daeanna is dead. He cannot return to Faerie lest he wishes for death, and he will not be associated with mortals. He is left at the mercy of Grison and his new movement. His first assignment, kill his mortal-loving Tuatha de Danann brother. The simple task becomes complicated the moment a redheaded beauty bursts into his life and tears it to shreds.

Rori McMallin swore off men after her latest failed relationship. The last thing she needs is a wickedly gorgeous—and murderous—Thaddeus haunting her days with his ever-known presence and her thoughts with tenuous hopes of happiness. His powers frighten her. His touch melts her. He is her greatest threat but her best chance to survive the increasing attacks from a band of bloodthirsty fae.

Thaddeus and Rori are in a fight for their lives, and their survival depends on one crucial decision—accept they are soul mates and surrender to the temptation of their desires before it is too late.

Happy partying!


Kara Wills


  1. tawania says:

    Love the blurb.. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  2. karawills says:

    Thanks for visiting, tawania!

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